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On-Board Solutions

On-Board Solutions

Onboard bolting products include roofbolters and rib-bolters. These machines use automation, advanced materials and a patented carrier system to increase speed, minimize wear and reduce maintenance costs. Joy Global's design engineers continuously analyze and optimize space, performance, productivity, safety, ergonomics and maintainability. This ensures the extraction and roof support components complement each other to the maximum extent possible.

Onboard bolting products are designed to maximize the advance rate of continuous miners and roadheaders through faster bolting cycle times. The hydraulic roof and rib-bolters are compact modular designs and are made virtually wear resistant.

Joy Global Underground Mining’s onboard products outdate the "steel on steel”, "wear-out and replace” designs of the past. The patented carrier system eliminates the unnecessary maintenance and replacement of slides and bushings. Onboard bolting products use advanced materials, automation and patented designs to lower costs and improve bolting cycle times.

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