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The Joy Reclaim Feeder is an efficient and cost effective mechanism for blending materials, reclaiming stockpiles, and feeding material. Design features reduce or eliminate costly civil work and site preparation. Reclaim Feeders currently operate in various applications including, but not limited to, synthetic fuel plants, power plant facilities, synthetic gypsum plants, truck load-out facilities, port loud-out facilities, and coal mining operations.

Joy Reclaim Feeders are available with either electro-mechanical or hydraulic conveyor drives. Rotary pick breakers for stockpile applications requiring size reduction are available. Mobility options include skids, wheel or crawler mounting.


  • In-ground hoppers, grids, tunnels and underground belt systems are no longer needed
  • Requires only solid, level ground conditions for installation
  • Material forms its own surge hopper, eliminating expensive fabricated upper hoppers and structures
  • Hopperless design allows material to be pushed by dozers or vertically discharged from front end loaders, trucks, clam shell buckets and excavators directly onto the integral drag conveyor
  • Rugged machine frame design for dependable performance and availability
  • Multiple stockpiles can be reclaimed and blended onto a central conveyor belt by utilizing several reclaim feeders feeding from these stockpiles at varying rates
  • When utilizing an electro-mechanically driven conveyor powered by a variable frequency drive, a variable throughput unit can be supplied with no need for external power units or hydraulic piping
  • Material size reduction and stockpile reclamation can be accomplished in a single unit
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