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Demand for a modern loader developed as used machines began to become fewer and fewer. The need for a new loader that would take advantage of the latest technologies, delivering high productivity, reduced operating costs and safety.

 Leveraging the dependability, engineering and components of the 14CM continuous miner the new 14BU27 takes the loader to the next level. Beginning with the proven and reliable traction system of the 14CM the new loader builds from a solid base. Other 14CM components include the gathering head, crawler and conveyor chains along with the electrics and motors.

 The 14BU27 features include the quiet conveyor and dual sprocket conveyor. Both components reduce operating noise providing a safer working environment for machine operators. Pump/tank, bumper, and controller case isolators further reduce noise.

 A 38in / 965mm wide conveyor improves productivity by increasing capacity by 25%.   59in / 1500 mm dia. by 6in / 150 mm high CLA’s provide faster loading and reliability.

 An optional on-board bolter arm provides auxiliary and center bolt capabilities and can improve overall mining cycle efficiency. An automated temporary roof support, or ATRS, system and full bolter canopy provide a safer mining environment.


Tradition in Quality & Pride...

First intoduced by Joe Joy in 1919 the mechanized loader revolutionized the mining industry.  With over 10,000 machines produced making it only second to shuttle cars in total machines produced.



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