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Tunneling Systems

At Continental, we have been manufacturing quality conveyor equipment for decades. Over that time, we have developed a solid reputation as the leading underground haulage experts. The same equipment and technology used in some of the most productive mining operations can be applied to your next tunneling project.

Our equipment can take the muck from the TBM and – without interruption – put it on a surface conveyor or truck. And, through the use of company-developed software programs such as Statix® and Dynamix®, we can design equipment specifically for your project. Whether your requirements call for the utilization of new and/or existing equipment, you can be sure that your conveyor system will perform as designed.Your project may even call for the use of our specially designed booster drives that eliminate transfer points on longer conveyors or our High Angle Conveyor (HAC®) that utilizes standard conveyor components to transport material up to 90° (vertical). Either way, we can handle the materials handling issues on your next project.

Continental also has proven curving conveyor technology that negotiates curves with a radius as tight as 300 meters. The curving conveyor sections can be installed at rates matching the fastest advances and without stopping the belt or in any way interrupting muck flow. Adjustments to the belt position are simple and do not require any special tools or training.


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