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High Angle Conveyor

The P&H MinePro HAC® (High Angle Conveyor) has proven itself to be a versatile and money saving method for elevating or lowering materials continuously from one level to another at extremely steep angles.

Over the years, the HAC® has been successfully used in a variety of applications, conveying a wide range of materials. These have included:

  • Coal
  • Aggregate
  • Ore products
  • Grain
  • Wood chips
  • Refuse
  • Municipal sludge

The P&H MinePro HAC® has taken the sandwich-belt concept and turned it into a highly reliable materials-handling workhorse – the result of specific engineering breakthroughs. One of the secrets to the high performance capabilities of the P&H MinePro HAC® technology is its use of pressing components.

The fully-equalized pressing mechanism secures material toward the center of the belt while gently, but effectively, sealing the belt edges together. The HAC® system holds the conveyed material continually – eliminating relative movement between material and belts. It does not confront materials, rather it conforms to surface shapes without incurring high local forces. Soft, gentle pressure assures the preservation of product quality and long life for the equipment.

Plus, the advantage of standard conveyor idlers and rolls

The use of standard conveyor idlers and rolls in the HAC® system means replacement of these components is quick and easy. HAC® systems in place around the world have demonstrated high availability and low maintenance costs.

Versatile, adaptable, and economical

The HAC® lends itself to multi-module conveying systems using self-contained units, as well as single-run systems using externally anchored high angle conveyors. In both cases the conveyor unit may be shortened or lengthened or the conveying angle may be altered according to the requirements of a new location. High Angle Conveyors may be mounted on rails, rubber tired or crawler type transporters.

Standard, smooth surface belts allow continuous cleaning by belt scrapers or plows. This is especially important in handling wet and sticky material. The P&H MinePro HAC® is a proven option for a variety of steep angle applications.

Please contact your localP&H MinePro Services representativefor more information.

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