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Single Roll Crusher

The Stamler Single Roll Crusher (SRC) is a very simple and economical alternative for secondary crushing in soft to medium hardness materials.

Standard Features To Meet Your Needs

  • Proven Breakers Shaft Design utilized in the Feeder-Breakers is adapted into a compact heavy duty frame.
  • A direct drive shaft mounted reducer eliminates the need for chains or belts. A slip clutch, mounted between the motor and reducer provides protection from unbreakable objects.
  • The curved breaker plate is adjustable to "fine tune” the output size.
  • Breaker plate liners are easily replaced with bolt-in sections.
  • A breaker cleaner makes this the perfect machine for wet/sticky materials.
  • The Single Roll Crusher can accept material from a belt conveyor above and discharge onto a belt conveyor below.
  • Units can be permanently mounted at a belt transfer point or skid mounted for mobility.
  • Output sizes available down to minus 2” and capacities are available up to 2000 TPH (1818 tonnes).

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