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MVT Sizer

The Stamler Matched Velocity Technology (MVT) Sizer reduces fines Generation while optimizing throughput capacity. Matched Velocity means the crusher roll speeds are set to match the speed of the incoming material. Self-cleaning, timed impact teeth optimize throughput by allowing sized material to pass through unimpeded. Traditional high speed roll crushers create fines by impacting both undersized and oversized material, while slow speed crushers allow material to build up on top of the rolls, thus promoting additional grinding.

Features and Benefits

  • Abrasions resistant wear liners are held in place with a single wedge.
  • The rolls are bolted to stub shafts, which allow the worn rolls to be replaced without splitting the frame or removing the stub shafts from the machine.
  • Worn teeth are easily replaced without any disassembly of the machine.
  • Low head room required resulting in lower installation costs.
  • Modular frame design allows customers flexibility when application requirements change.
  • The rolls are fully timed, with power being transmitted between the rolls by helical gears, which provide high efficiency along with low power consumption and low noise and vibration levels.
  • Double flange wheels with hydraulic jacks are provided for maintenance roll out of the sizer. Hydraulic pumps are permanently mounted to the frame, which allow the sizer to be raised or lowered with ease.

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