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Surface Feeder-Breakers

Petroleum Coke

Each Stamler Feeder-Breaker features an integral surge hopper (if required), a flight conveyor and a rotary pick breaker. Custom designed units are built for sizing and reclaiming petroleum coke. Stamler Feeder-Breakers can be loaded from dozers pushing the petroleum coke for sizing and feeding stockpiles and ship loading, as well as front end loaders dumping into the Feeder-Breaker for blending directly into kiln feed silos. Mounting options include crawler, skids or wheels providing mobility to help reduce haulage cycle time and increase productivity.

Surface Coal

Stamler Feeder-Breakers are manufactured for long life, low maintenance and superior dependability. Out Feeder-Breaker features a low horizontal profile that operates without eccentric motion giving our customers the lowest height truck dump installation of any crusher arrangement available. Breaker drives are electro-mechanical and can be a direct shaft mount reducer style, or a chain and sprocket arrangement. Mounting options include crawler, wheels or skids to move with the mine face, reducing cycle time. Stamler Feeder-Breakers are in operation around the world in more materials than any other feeder breakers offered. These include but are not limited to oil sands, gold, copper, potash, salt, trona, bauxite, iron ore, phosphate, and platinum.


Compared to a jaw crusher, Stamler Feeder-Breakers require much less site preparation. Crawler mounted Feeder-Breakers are designed for moving with the face. Stamler also combines a surge hopper, conveyor, and breaker into one low profile structure for underground limestone mines. Overhead breaker drive design and drive chain oil bath combine to make our unit maintenance friendly. A breaker cleaner can be provided to maintain steady material sizing in applications such as marl limestone. Stamler Feeder-Breakers are highly engineered, heavy-duty units for superior dependability in the limestone industry.

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