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Continuous Chain Haulage

 Continuous Chain Haulage (CHS)

Recognized as the most efficient method of moving mined material from the mine face for specific applications, the JOY Continuous Chain Haulage System(CHS) provides significant improvements in the areas of durability and reliability.

The JOY continuous chain haulage system consists of four basic units: a breaker car module (BCM), conveyor bridge module (CBM), mobile bridge module (MBM) and ridged haulage system (RHS). The system configuration and number of these units depends on individual mine application and production requirements.

High Performance Operation

Incorporating Stamler's proven design and construction techniques over competitive systems, the JOY continuous chain haulage systemis the most rugged continuous haulage system available and features quality components for the highest level of reliability. New maneuverability and mechanical improvements provide increased production across all applications.

Improved visibility and reduced overall height on the breaker car module

· Narrow machine design

· Narrow pulley support section

· Maximum spillage control features

· SE-II or LE-I electrics with diagnostics

· Closed loop hydraulic system

· Cable handling dollies for incoming power cable

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