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Flexible Conveyor Train System

Flexible Conveyor Train System


The JOY Flexible Conveyor Train (FCT) is a truly continuous haulage system that eliminates any haulage related bottlenecks from typical underground continuous miner operations. By removing this restriction, the FCT allows today’s high-production continuous miners to operate at their maximum capacity.

The key to the effectiveness of the FCT is its patented flexible conveyor and traction system that permits the FCT to be operated as one single unit. The ability to continuously convey material along its length while simultaneously tramming to follow the continuous miner's every move, all with only one operator utilizing radio remote control, is a distinct advantage over all other types of haulage.

The productivity benefits of the FCT are equally applicable to coal-producing room & pillar and longwall development operations, as well as operations utilizing continuous miners to extract industrial minerals, such as salt, trona, potash and gypsum.

Machine Performance

The FCT can convey coal at flow rates of up to 27 tons/minute (24.5 tonnes/minute) and salt, trona, gypsum or potash at up to 40 tons/minute (36.3 tonnes/minute). Infinitely variable control of conveyor belt speed permits maximum belt loading and minimum belt speed, consequently extending the wear life of the belt itself.

Operational Benefits

Operational benefits are derived from the fact that the FCT combines all haulage into a single, relatively slow moving machine requiring only one operator. This reduces the total number of mobile machines and workers in the section.

The chain traction system is distributed along the entire length of the machine, resulting in incredible traction with exceptionally low ground bearing pressure, when compared to other haulage machinery.

Material degradation is minimal due to there being no transfer points along the length of the FCT. Furthermore, OPTIDRIVE provides infinite speed control to the conveyor belt and lumpbreaker conveyor chain allowing each to be coordinated to prevent spillage.

The lumpbreaker front-end provides ample FCTmaneuverability and the material sizing and metering function not only controls the flow on the FCT belt but also negates the need for a separate feeder-breaker in the section.

The FACEBOSS control system coupled with OPTIDRIVE provides soft-start functionality for the FCT traction and conveyor belt systems. This significantly reduces the wear and tear on these parts, extending their operating lives and reliability levels.

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