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Shuttle Cars

Shuttle Cars

The role of haulage equipment is to efficiently remove the cut material from the working face in such a manner so as to enhance the performance of the continuous miner and maximize the productivity of the overall section. Joy fully understands this role and proactively works with the mining industry to provide comprehensive "system” solutions to suit individual application needs.

Since the introduction of our first shuttle carin 1938, JOY shuttle cars continue to be the mainstay of the industry for batch haulage vehicles. Their exceptional reliability, low operating cost and sustained high levels of productivity are unmatched. Through the extensive use of sophisticated computer-aided design systems, JOY shuttle cars continue to develop, evolve and improve.

Heavy Duty by Design

Underground mines are tough places for haulage vehicles to operate – JOY shuttle cars are designed to meet the challenge. Every element of a JOY shuttle car is engineered to balance performance and efficiency. JOY shuttle cars have a heavy-duty, high-power drive train that enables them to haul loads in extremely arduous conditions. The permanent four-wheel drive system is powered by two 85kW VFD AC traction motors (50kW in lower seam models). Wheel units have been upgraded to be more robust and durable and the cast pivot axles are virtually indestructible. A four-wheel independent suspension system is also available to help maintain higher tram speeds and improve the operator’s comfort in uneven and/or broken roadways.

The JOY shuttle car chassis and rolling gear are designed using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques to find the optimal balance of volumetric load, vehicle dimensions, load-carrying ability and fatigue life. Heavy-duty conveyor reducers and abrasion-resistance conveyor decking further improve reliability and durability.




Increased Production Through Remote Operation

With over 80 units in the field today, JOY shuttle cars are available with an optional remote control system. Remote control permits deeper cuts as the shuttle car, now unmanned, can follow the miner under unsupported roof. This significantly improves the overall productivity of a room and pillar section.









Operator Comfort

JOY shuttle car four-wheel independent suspension systems are available on select models and are recommended for applications with uneven and/or broken roadways. Each wheel rides on struts that compress and absorb the energy associated with a bump, in doing so reducing the energy transmitted to the rest of the car and the operator. Less energy transferred to the operator means being able to more comfortably maintain higher shuttle car speeds with less fatigue. Similarly, less energy transferred to the chassis means less structural damage and longer overall machine working life.

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