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Battery Haulage

Battery Haulage

A JOY battery hauler benefits from a variety of innovative technologies that contribute to extended battery life and/or improved maneuverability and operational flexibility. This makes a JOY battery hauler the market leader in battery-powered underground haulage machines for room & pillarapplications.

The AC-Variable Frequency Drive Control System (AC-VFD) is a proven system that enhances and maximizes the efficiency and operational performance of all JOY battery powered haulage vehicles. Having an independent traction drive design, the AC-VFD control system provides all of the reliability and availability benefits that customers have come to value in the DC-Lionetics control system.

In addition, advanced diagnostics on all AC-VFD models can be queried directly from the machine display to reduce the time required to troubleshoot and repair a machine. Data logging and data acquisition allows for enhanced machine diagnostics as well as providing more user-friendly and focused preventative maintenance programs.

Auto-loading Position

The ejector bed retract cycle has been completely automated. Following an off-load, the operator need only press the "auto-load” button to commence the sequence and is then free to focus on tramming back to the miner. Using pressure transducers, the control system sequences the retract process through to completion, pausing only when hydraulic pressure is required for steering. This simultaneous tram and retract process saves significant time and increases the number of trips possible during a shift.

High-efficiency Hydraulics

Resistance to the flow of fluid through piping and valves limits the speed of any hydraulic function. Overcoming this resistance to flow requires energy and this energy is ultimately provided by the battery through the hydraulic pump motor. The hydraulic system on AC-VFD battery haulers has been redesigned to minimize this resistance to flow. Consequently, faster hydraulic functions create 20% shorter discharge and retract time intervals and more responsive steering. Decreased load on the pump improves motor efficiency indicated by a 40% reduction in pump motor temperature. Ultimately, the overall benefit is a 10-12% increase in battery life.

Maximum Availability

The JOY battery change carousel saves the overall time and space required for battery change out. Each electrically driven carousel can carry three batteries and is easily contained within a single cross-cut with no projection into the adjacent intersection. The battery hauler operator can single-handedly change the battery on the vehicle without requiring a jumper cable, thus saving time compared to other change-out station layouts.



Maximum Versatility

JOY battery haulers interface with their battery packs using the Joy patented ground base battery lift-arm system. This particular battery change-out system is unique to JOY battery powered haulers. The robust design of this system results in a highly reliable battery change out system that does not compromise overall equipment availability. The battery can be lifted from any surface. In addition, the lift arms are easily fitted to existing support vehicles to create effective and efficient battery movers. Increasing the overall versatility of battery change out equipment reduces the battery change out time, increasing the availability of the JOY battery hauler.

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