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Faceboss for Miners

Faceboss for Miners

Competitive and market pressures require that Joy Global's customers produce product at an ever-increasing rate and at an ever-decreasing cost per ton. These objectives are made all the more challenging by the worsening attributes of available reserves and the ever-deteriorating operating conditions in which machinery must operate.

Using a combination of operator-assistance tools, automated sequences, advanced diagnostics, machine performance monitoring and analysis tools, the Joy brand Faceboss control platform enables operators to consistently operate their Joy brand machinery at the optimal balance of production rate and cost.

Production Optimization

The Joy brand Faceboss control platform can maximize continuous miner productivity in a variety of ways:

Optimized Cutting

High Availability

Automated Sequences

Maximum Flexibility

Advanced Diagnostics

On-board graphical display which includes a log of events, messages and alarms.

Multilingual Display

Control platform can be configured to display in a variety of languages.

Out-by Communications

Enables the real-time monitoring of the machine from surface (Remote Machine Monitoring – RMM).

Reliability Through Design

All Faceboss hardware has been designed and tested specifically for underground applications.

Standard Control Platform

The standard platform across all Joy Global Underground Mining equipment.

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