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12CM30 Miner-Bolter

The JOY bolter miner system fully integrates the early installation of high strength Roof Bolts with the latest JOY Continuous Miner drivage system, incorporating the latest improvements in machine design and roof bolting technology.

The critical path for most long wall installations is gate road development. In both single-entry and multi-entry gate road development, where the roof is weak and early installation of roof bolts is required, roof support becomes the primary bottleneck (the longest cycle time event).

The JOY 12CM30 offers a range of features and configurations to service mid to high seam mines with proven high performance cutting and bolting technologies.

Total Control - The latest in VFD Technology

Today’s 12CM30 traction systems builds on years of field-tested performance to offer an even more durable, maneuverable package. Patented OPTIDRIVE AC electronics is coupled to a compact all-gear transmission to provide smooth, reliable service. Cutter motor feedback and traction differential features optimize sump performance in even the most demanding applications. Brush-less AC traction motors are highly reliable and require minimal maintenance.


Ergonomic Operator Interface

The design of the 12CM30 miner bolters makes effective use of the additional space available in higher seam heights to provide machines with improved access to all components. Furthermore, the electrical controller cases are designed and located for ease of access. With the introduction of fluid system manifolds and hard piping, thirty percent of the hoses have been eliminated and troubleshooting has been simplified.

Proven Conveyor System

On models fitted with plough gathering, a single 37kW electric rear drive is fitted to drive the conveyor chain. On models with CLA gathering, 2 x 45kW motors drive the CLAs and the conveyor chain from the gathering head.

The JOY conveyor chain includes universal links to prolong chain life, and the cam style adjusting mechanism automatically compensates for chain slack as the conveyor swings.

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