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12ED Entry Driver

The 12ED25 is the second of a new generation of miner bolters in the Joy product line, which new generation incorporates the latest Joy developments and technology and offers simultaneous cut and bolt capabilities. The ED25 range of miner bolters was conceived in 2005 when Joy Global Underground Mining launched a project to produce the ‘Next Generation’ of machines for longwall entry development.

Key highlights of the product line are as follows:

Use of proven technology hardware components where possible, including proven cutter technologies, OPTIDRIVE AC VVVF drive traction system, motors, conveying and gathering systems

A new generation of hydraulic system to provide an optimized solution for today’s miner bolter needs, including high efficiency, space, heat and noise reduction

A model range consisting of two height models for varying applications – the 14ED25 for lower seam heights typical in the United States, and the 12ED25 for higher seam applications in Australia and other countries. Both models share a significant number of components

Simultaneous cut and bolt capabilities

Joy Global Underground Mining's Faceboss electronic control platform, common to all new Joy continuous miners, to ensure the highest level of reliability

Global parts and service support to be available

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