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Mobile Solutions

Mobile bolting products are designed to increase the safety and efficiency of place change mining methods. These products range from compact pneumatic cable bolters to electro-hydraulic dual and multi-head bolters.

Mobile bolting products range from pneumatic, single head cable bolters to automated, multi-head roof and rib-bolters. Joy Global offers a wide variety of mobile products available with either percussive or rotary drilling units.

The multi-head bolters are known for their speed and reliability as well as their durability. The smaller bolters are known for their use of advanced materials, compact design and their cost-effective solutions to roof and rib-bolting.

Joy Cablebolters are available in various configurations. The compact designs allow quick and efficient bolting in numerous applications. The electro-hydraulic cablebolters have the ability to install bolts up to 49 feet (15 m) long.

In addition to bolters, Joy offers a broad range of gas drainage equipment. This includes machines for gas drainage (in-seam and cross measure), exploration, instrumentation, face proving, resin injection, core drilling and water infusion.

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