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Системы воздушного охлаждения шахт

P&H Mining Equipment offers the industry's most advanced climate/filtration/pressurization control, with the MineAir Systems product line. Available from P&H is a complete line of DC-powered and AC-powered models. 


These models will enable you to outfit your:

  • operator's cabs
  • electrical rooms
  • shovels
  • draglines
  • drills
  • haul trucks                                     
  • dozers
  • loaders
  • graders
  • utility vehicles

The units are also applicable to non-mining applications, such as overhead cranes, control stations, or virtually any application that requires climate controlled quality air. 

The Mine Air Systems product offers a unique

modular construction that allows most of the models to be fully exchanged with standby units inunder 30 minutes.







P&H Mine Air Systems 
Model 361
P&H Mine Air Systems MAS Model 1500
P&H Mine Air Systems 
MAS Model 1500
P&H Mine Air Systems Remote Compressor/Condenser
P&H Mine Air Systems 
Remote Compressor - Condenser


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