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The Joy bolter miner system fully integrates the early installation of high strength roof bolts with the latest JOY continuous miner drivage system, incorporating the latest improvements in machine design and roof bolting technology.

The critical path for most longwall installations is gate road development. In both single-entry and multi-entry gateroad development, where the roof is weak and early installation of roof bolts is required, roof support becomes the primary bottleneck (the longest cycle time event).

Joy offers a range of features and configurations to service mid to high seam mines with proven high performance cutting and bolting technologies.

These machines sport a high horsepower cutting mechanism and complementary machine mass to meet the wide ranging demands of full-face gate entry or construction applications. OPTIDRIVE traction, independent rear conveyor drive, variable displacement hydraulics and enhanced roof drill components are just a few of the features that enable these entry drivers to withstand the rigors of continuous service.



12CM30 Miner-Bolter

12ED Entry Driver


FACEBOSS For Entry Development






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