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12CM Series Continuous Miners

12CM Continuous Miner

Joy’s answer for the mid-to-high seam applications is the 12CM series continuous miners. Utilizing proven technology from years of service life, this product line is designed to provide high productivity and reliability in the most rigorous of conditions. The basic elements of each continuous miner are similar in design, following field proven philosophies perfected by Joy over the years. Each machine employs Joy’s multi-motor concept with outboard access to motors, gearcases, controllers and other major components. The philosophy calls for the isolation of major components for easier troubleshooting and maintenance. The continuous miners use individual motors with direct drive transmissions to power the cutter, traction, gathering and hydraulic systems. This permits service or repair quickly and easily, thus reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

High Voltage Capability

The 12CM27 is a high-voltage machine that is operated at 2300 Volt 60 Hz (3300 Volt 50 Hz) to provide a significant increase in horsepower to the cutting system. Reduced thermal losses in the cutter motors and trailing cable increase the available continuous cutting time almost indefinitely, leading to improved production levels.

Maintainability and Serviceability

The design of the 12CM machines makes effective use of the additional space available in higher seam heights to provide machines with improved access to all components.

Wethead Cutterhead Systems

The JOY Wethead continuous miner cutterhead incorporates a fine spray behind each cutting bit of the cutter drums to reduce the potential for frictional ignitions and to reduce respirable dust levels. The water spray acts as both a cooling and wetting agent in order to address both issues at the same time. Also, the sprays provide lubrication that substantially improves bit life. The Wethead does all this while potentially consuming less water than the standard miner dust sprays. The heart of the system is a back-to-back carbon-face water seal designed to run dry for extended periods of time and last from rebuild-to-rebuild before refurbishment is necessary. 

Dual-Sprocket Chain Conveyor

Dual-Sprocket Chain Conveyor System

All 12CM continuous miners are equipped with the patented JOY dual-sprocket continuous miner conveyor chain. The dual-sprocket chain is 50% stronger in tension than conventional chains and is driven by two parallel 8-tooth sprockets which provide better torsional rigidity.

12CM Series Brochure

Application Specific Cutting
Application Specific Cutting

A wide variety of cutting options

The 12CM is available in solid head or Ripperveyor TM models and in drum diameters ranging from 36 to 53 ¾ inches (915 to1367mm). Together with rated cutting power as high as 698 hp (520 kW) available within this product line, the cutting system can be sized to match most seam conditions.



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