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Powered Roof Supports

Joy manufacturers all the key elements for the armored face conveyor (AFC) including the head and tail frames, line pans, gear boxes, sprockets, couplings and shearer haulage systems. The JOYAFC design uses cast steel sigma sections with exacting tolerances. This casting technology eliminates the weld fabrication of clevis and pan connections, which are inherently unreliable. The cast design provides tighter tolerance assurance which is essential in today's market place. Joy's high specification abrasion resistant upper deck plates, selected to meet pan life requirements, result in maintenance free, long life fabrications.


Major AFC Components


AFC Systems


Large AFCs use Joy's Turbo Transmission Technology (TTT)


AFC Drive Systems


The JOY Turbo Transmission Technology (TTT) drive system provides the simplest, most reliable high torque starting capability for large AFCs at the lowest operating cost. The JOY TTT provides trouble-free, repeat starting of theAFC to ensure continuity of production.



Joy designs and manufactures a complete range of stageload crushers.



Joy designs and manufactures a complete range of stageloader crushers. Designed for difficult conditions, these units can efficiently crush lump coal and oversize rock for easier conveying and improved system productivity. JOYcrushers have proved to be extremely rugged and trouble free with little maintenance required.


All JOY crushers incorporate a frame fabricated from heavy steel plate and strengthened by heavy ribs for maximum rigidity. Easy access to the crusherroll is provided through an inspection door in the top of the frame. To suit customer preference, JOY crushers are available in a direct gear-drive model or a V-belt drive.



Joy's stageloaders use heavy duty components



Joy manufactures stageloaders for excellent reliability and high availability by using heavy duty components, including heavy pan side sections and high impact resistant flight bars. High capacity, custom built JOY stageloadersmove continuously with the longwall and provide the necessary overlap to suit mining conditions


Broadband Chain


Broadband Chain used in Amoured Face Conveyors offers a superior design.


JOY BROADBAND long life chain provides proven extended wear resistance without detriment to chain weight and conveying characteristics, delivering new levels of chain conveying efficiency and reduced operating cost. First installed in 2004, over the last five years the chain has conveyed over 80 million tonne on AFC & BSL applications in high productivity longwall installations operating in many major markets.


With improved chain life, this innovative product is consistently pushing the boundaries on extended chain life, with operators planning larger block sizes. JOY BROADBAND long life chain provides the greatest opportunities to longwall operators planning their future developments or upgrade requirements.


Lower Line Pan Profile
JOY BROADBAND long life chain provides the lowest longwall equipment per kW of installed power across the range of high efficiency longwalls. Its small envelope size facilitates lowest height linepans providing valuable height savings in low seam applications, improves shearer tunnel clearances and conveyor loading ability, and adds flexibility to the haulage track position.


Greater Installed Power
With the Joy 3000 series gearboxes, JOY BROADBAND long life chain provides for the largest longwall operations and highest installed powers. A gateway to improved productivity, through increased hourly capacity, longer face lengths also reduce roadway development time and costs, thus providing a safer longwall operation.


Complete Longwall Systems Brochure


14CM Series Brochure

Broadband Chain

Broadband Chain

JOY BROADBAND low profile chain allows lower AFC pan heights and consequently lowers mining height while providing greater chain life.
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